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The cost of conflict is more than financial…we can help end it.

Our approach to mediation is straightforward. Our goal is for you to reach a sustainable resolution affordably, quickly, and with minimal disruption to the natural rhythms of your business We help create a productive negotiation environment that improves communication and gets deals done. You’ll have time to consider options and make thoughtful decisions. You reach resolution more efficiently, sustainably and in a way that’s consistent with how you do business.

Alhadeff & Forbes offers mediators with a broad range of professional expertise and life experience. We can help in Personal Injury, Employment, Organizational Conflict, Construction, Real Estate, Commercial and Contracts, Inheritances, Divorce and Family Law. Our mediators are committed to the evolution of innovative and effective mediation practices. That means you have professionals working with you who have the precise skills and expertise you need, whether you’re making difficult decisions in a tough situation, managing conflict in your organization, or looking to settle your case.

Are you concerned about the disruption and expense of litigation? We are committed to providing you with a resolution process that minimizes disruption to your regular business operations.

Do you want a mediator who knows how to communicate with you and with the others involved? Are you faced with a complicated divorce? Struggling to settle a family estate? Has a tense situation developed in your workplace? Do you expect that you should be able to resolve your differences peacefully, efficiently, and affordably? The Alhadeff & Forbes mediator you choose can help you bring about the resolution you need.

Call us at (206) 963-0920 or contact any of the AFMA mediators directly. We can help you determine the best way forward.