peaceful resolution is possible

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The cost of conflict is more than financial…we can help end it.

At Alhadeff & Forbes, our mediation approach is simple.  By listening, coaching and directing conversations, we help create a negotiation environment of cooperation and respect – in an affordable way.

Alhadeff & Forbes is now expanding into a community of mediators by bringing together a team of affiliates with a broad range of life experience and expertise. Our mediators can help in fields such as: Personal Injury, Employment, Organizational Conflict, Construction, Real Estate, Commercial and Contracts, Inheritances, Divorce and Family Law.   In addition to their professional experience, our mediators have undergone intensive mediation training and have an on-going commitment to the evolution of mediation practices.  What this means for you is access to professionals with the precise skills and expertise you need to help settle your case.

Are you in a lawsuit ripe for settlement?  Do you want a mediator who knows your field and can make sense with the other side? Are you faced with a complicated divorce proceeding? Perhaps you are struggling to settle the terms of your family’s estate. Has a tense situation developed in the workplace?  Do you long to resolve your differences peacefully, efficiently, and affordably?  Mediation can bring about a settlement.

Call us at (206) 963-0920 and we can help you determine if mediation is the best way forward.