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Areas of Expertise

The areas of expertise described below represent the major categories in which we have extensive experience mediating conflicts. Please call us if you have questions about your area of conflict as our practice areas exceed those listed.

Personal Injury

Our personal injury case mediators have extensive trial experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases including automobile accidents, malpractice actions, product liability, and property damage cases. Our mediators have the ability to listen empathetically to the injured party. They also have the knowledge and experience, when called upon to do so, to provide an assessment of what would happen if the matter would go to court. Each of our mediators has participated in literally hundreds of mediated case settlements.

In most personal injury cases, the litigation focuses on the bottom line of achieving a financial settlement. Mediation is the preferred avenue for negotiating settlement. The mediation process is efficient at conveying offers, as well as allowing for the needs and feelings of the injured person to be attended to – thus leading to a greater degree of satisfaction in the outcome. Through mediation, we help injured parties achieve closure, leave traumatic occurrences behind them, and move forward with their lives.

A&F Mediators who specialize in Personal Injury include:

Divorce & Family Law

When nothing else has worked, we can help families in serious conflict. The public exposure of going to court is often unthinkable for those who want to preserve family relationships. A great deal of conflict can fester in this area, where divided loyalties, ambivalence and conflict of interest often come into play. Effective mediation can help create workable and durable agreements, and often strengthen the underlying relationships. In divorce cases, as in any family situation, we are responsive to your individuality and committed to providing an environment of kindness and support within which to engage in the difficult work of refashioning an important relationship.

A&F Mediators who specialize in Divorce & Family Law include:

Employment Law & Organization

Our employment and organization mediators have a broad range of professional experience in serving and directing for-profit and non-profit organizations including hospitals, public entities, educational institutions, corporations, small businesses and tribal organizations. We are seeing an increased interest in conflict resolution in the workplace. This is without doubt partly due to the high cost of employment litigation. Perhaps more importantly- in every employment situation there is an ongoing investment in productive relationships – and the mediator’s task is to assist parties in getting back on track and correcting dysfunctions at the work place. Our experience in employment mediation allows us to help parties uncover underlying issues and bring renewed understanding and skilled communication to benefit the interests of each.

A&F Mediators who specialize in Employment Law & Organization Conflict and include:

Land Use, Construction & Real Estate

We have considerable experience with construction mediation, real estate disputes and property issues. These have included many factually complex and emotionally charged cases, often involving multiple parties. With patience and a commitment to resolution, we are able to ensure that all parties’ needs are addressed.

A&F Mediators who speicalize in Land Use, Construction & Real Estate include:

Commercial & Contracts

Our business mediation experience covers a spectrum of issues, including forming or dissolving partnerships, governance issues, and contractual disputes, including complex transactions. An understanding of what motivates people is an essential part of mediating financial and business conflicts, just as it is in personal disputes. Mediation is able to address the expectations and needs that are written into a contract or partnership agreement, and to ensure that clear communication and mutual respect are enhanced.

A&F Mediators who specialize in Commercial & Contracts include:

Estates & Inheritances

Families engaged in estates and probate issues often find themselves doing so when they are in a vulnerable state. Even estate planning, which may occur long before bereavement is faced, raises a host of subjective issues in which family members experience conflicting emotional, as well as monetary needs. Our work in this area acknowledges the complexity and sensitivity of family relationships, and the difficulties that may exist in acknowledging and expressing each party’s needs. Mediation is especially helpful in these situations, because it offers a safe and confidential process through which to strengthen relationships and forestall future conflict.

A&F Mediators who specialize in Estates & Inheritances include: